What exactly is a Fifth Wheel....?

Read on to find out more.....

What are they…?

A Fifth Wheel, 5ver, trailer or what ever you wish to call them is referring to the way in which the unit is connected to the tow vehicle. Unlike conventional caravans, a 5th wheeler is connected using a 5th Wheel hitch hence the name.

The design of the hitch is similar to those used on articulated lorries, just on a smaller scale.

To tow a 5ver, a standard pick up truck is used which has the hitch and other necessary equipment fitted to it to enable safe towing of the trailer. Usually whilst being converted, replating of the pick up trucks gross train weight (where necessary) is also increased to allow legal towing of the heavier trailer.

Towing experience

Towing a 5th Wheeler is like nothing else you will have experienced. Once the unit is hitched up and you are on your way, the smooth ride means a relaxing journey without the stress and worry of "snaking" or "pitching". The stability of these units really does have to be experienced first hand.


The all too common sight of a caravan snaking down the inside lane of a motorway won't happen with a fifth wheeler due to the hitch arrangement and overall stability of the outfit.


Thanks to the overall size of these units, interior space and storage is something you are never short of. 

With ample windows and roof lights, the living and bedroom areas feel bright and welcoming.

Large cupboards and overhead lockers mean you can take all your creature comforts with you.

The added benefit of the slide outs further enhance the space available.

Winnebago Lite Five Interior


Winnebage 32BH

Typical features which can be found on a Fifth Wheel

  • King Size bed
  • Full size domestic appliances
  • Large Flat Screen TV's
  • Air Conditioning
  • On Board Water Tank
  • On Board Grey Water Tank
  • 4 Berth upto 12 Berth
  • Large Showers and bathtubs
  • 1 to 4 Slide Outs
  • Self Levelling Automatic Landing Legs

Commonly installed enhancements

  • Fully Automatic Satellite Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Awnings & Safari Rooms
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Solar Panels and Leisure Batteries
  • Bike Racks
  • Satellite Internet Access
  • Bedroom TV's
  • Home Cinema Surround Sound Systems

Benefits of Ownership

  • Stability when towing
  • Larger user payload when compared to traditional caravan
  • Lower depreciation
  • Large living accommodation
  • Quality fixtures and fittings