Myths & Rumours - FAQ's

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Myths & rumours

You may have heard or read things about Fifth Wheel trailers such as 

  • You need a HGV license to tow one....
  • They are too wide for the UK roads....
  • They are too heavy and aren't allowed on campsites....
  • They take lots of time to set up.....



Frequently asked Questions….

Before investing in a 5th wheeler you will undoubtedly have a long list of queries and questions.



Q - Do I need a HGV license to tow a 5th Wheeler?

A -  No you don't. A few simple checks of your existing license should be sufficient, and assuming you have no age or health restrictions, you are good to go.


Q - Are they too big and too wide for the UK roads?

A - Most 5th Wheelers are as long and wide as a standard caravan. Thanks to the unique way in which the trailer attaches to the tow vehicle, some of the trailer is above/over the truck bed therefore reducing the overall outfit length. Again thanks to the hitch design, a 5th wheel outfit's turning ability is better than an A Framed caravan. The UK towing laws allow vehicles weighting upto 3500Kg to tow trailers upto 2.55metres in width (8ft 4 Inches).


Q -  Are they too heavy for most campsites?

A - 5th Wheelers are heavier than a standard caravan however most sites offer hardstanding pitches as well as grass. As with any heavy vehicle such as a 5th wheel or motorhome, grass should be avoided in the wet weather.


Q - Are they complicated to set up when pitching on site? 

A - Not in the slightest. Most conventional caravans have to be levelled, water and waste containers connected etc. Thanks to the design of most 5th wheels, the onboard automatic landing legs self extend and level. On board water and waste tanks are all connected, set up and ready to go. Additional features like automatic satellite dishes, leisure batteries and wall mounted TV's means there is even less to set up and un-pack.